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Largest places in Bolivia

The largest cities and places in Bolivia at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Bolivia.

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Largest places in Bolivia
Santa Cruz de la Sierra Santa Cruz de la Sierra1.Santa Cruz Santa Cruz1,364,389
Cochabamba Cochabamba2.Cochabamba Cochabamba900,414
La Paz La Paz3.La Paz La Paz812,799
Sucre Sucre4.Chuquisaca Chuquisaca224,838
Oruro Oruro5.Oruro Oruro208,684
Tarija Tarija6.Tarija Tarija159,269
Potosi Potosí7.Potosi Potosí141,251
Montero Montero8.Santa Cruz Santa Cruz88,616
Trinidad Trinidad9.El Beni El Beni84,259
Yacuiba Yacuiba10.Tarija Tarija82,803
Riberalta Riberalta11.El Beni El Beni74,014
Guayaramerin Guayaramerín12.El Beni El Beni36,008
Mizque Mizque13.Cochabamba Cochabamba30,481
Villazon Villazón14.Potosi Potosí30,253
Llallagua Llallagua15.Potosi Potosí28,069
Camiri Camiri16.Santa Cruz Santa Cruz27,961
Cobija Cobija17.Pando Pando26,585
San Ignacio de Velasco San Ignacio de Velasco18.Santa Cruz Santa Cruz23,569
Tupiza Tupiza19.Potosi Potosí22,233
Warnes Warnes20.Santa Cruz Santa Cruz22,036
San Borja San Borja21.El Beni El Beni19,640
Villamontes Villamontes22.Tarija Tarija18,761
Cotoca Cotoca23.Santa Cruz Santa Cruz18,347
Villa Yapacani Villa Yapacaní24.Santa Cruz Santa Cruz18,187
Santiago del Torno Santiago del Torno25.Santa Cruz Santa Cruz15,543
Huanuni Huanuni26.Oruro Oruro15,492
Punata Punata27.Cochabamba Cochabamba15,194
Ascension Ascensión28.Santa Cruz Santa Cruz14,429
Mineros Mineros29.Santa Cruz Santa Cruz14,385
Patacamaya Patacamaya30.La Paz La Paz12,260
Colchani Colchani31.Potosi Potosí11,988
Rurrenabaque Rurrenabaque32.El Beni El Beni11,749
Portachuelo Portachuelo33.Santa Cruz Santa Cruz11,485
Puerto Quijarro Puerto Quijarro34.Santa Cruz Santa Cruz10,392
Uyuni Uyuni35.Potosi Potosí10,293
Robore Roboré36.Santa Cruz Santa Cruz9,882
Pailon Pailón37.Santa Cruz Santa Cruz9,304
Cliza Cliza38.Cochabamba Cochabamba8,654
Achacachi Achacachi39.La Paz La Paz8,447
Vallegrande Vallegrande40.Santa Cruz Santa Cruz8,422
Monteagudo Monteagudo41.Chuquisaca Chuquisaca8,289
Aiquile Aiquile42.Cochabamba Cochabamba8,224
Tarata Tarata43.Cochabamba Cochabamba8,043
Challapata Challapata44.Oruro Oruro8,016
San Julian San Julian45.Santa Cruz Santa Cruz7,706
Reyes Reyes46.El Beni El Beni7,376
Concepcion Concepción47.Santa Cruz Santa Cruz6,900
San Matias San Matías48.Santa Cruz Santa Cruz6,352
La Belgica La Bélgica49.Santa Cruz Santa Cruz5,501
Santa Rosa del Sara Santa Rosa del Sara50.Santa Cruz Santa Cruz5,251

1 - 50 of 138 places
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